Friday, December 9, 2016

Top Three Best Laptop Brands in 2016

Year 2016 had been one of the most welcoming times for the gadgets like laptops, tablets and smartphones. With the launch of Apple OS X and Windows 10, most of the leading laptop maker has introduced featured notebooks at various price ranges. But the question arrives in those which one is the best and deserves to be a paramount device worth for users.        
Don’t worry with the help of a leading gadget news portal we have gathered a studies to bring for you top three best laptops brands with the top explanations that make them a leader and distinct from others. The leadership and brand positioning has been shortlisted by considering the design, performance, technical support, and price. Few brands who were leader in 2014 slipped while other has surged at top and become most admirable laptop brand around the world. Dell is known for top quality and latest laptop in all over the world. Dell laptop repair service is also available in various price ranges in the market.

Apple – An Undisputed Leader for Last Six Years with Excellence
Apple retained its leadership for best laptop maker with headship for last six years. Apple laptops which include MacBook series like MacBook, MacBook Air and Pro are known for best design, metallic glossy finish, responsive keywords, touchpads, user-friendly preloaded software and high speed processers, though the price range is quite expensive but a worth for users.   

Dell – A First Runner-up known for best Technical Support
After Apple, Dell is second best laptop producing company better known for best Dell laptop support service across the provinces. Dell is also famous for making innovative products with wide range of selection choice within the budget of the customer. Dell prefers to assemble laptops with latest operating system, a powerful processer and a good battery backup.   

HP – Known for Design and Audio Quality at Reasonable Price   
In real terms, HP is an actual gainer that has mounted its position to third from fourth rank. HP is known for making laptops with innovative designs and best audio quality. For customers, HP has introduced wide collection of laptops with different configuration, styles and price. Just like Dell laptop help, HP is also known for best technical support service with quick results.

Apart from these top three brands Msi, Samsung and Lenovo are the other leading laptop makers with the insignificant difference in their ranking scores. All other brand laptops are available at affordable price with widest range to choose the configuration as per the choice. But leading brands are known for making quality product that gives a long-lasting performance. Hence, it’s totally on your choice to choose the right one as per your needs and affordability.

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