Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to Increase Dell Laptop Battery Performance?

Dell laptop battery is not appropriate option for giving long lasting performance, therefore you should recharge same again and again to keep your dell laptop work nonstop. Essentially, such type of batteries available for three-four hours back up and after certain time period use frequent recharging procedure leads to weakened battery life.

But with the help of few important and useful tips, you can optimize the use of battery of dell laptop. You need to keep your dell laptop with certain customize settings to save laptop battery consumption and ignore unnecessary usages. Read important tips given below and follow them carefully to improve the performance of dell laptop battery.

Enable power Saver Mode in Dell Laptop-

 You should use dell laptop at power saving mode that is very helpful to decrease the consumption of laptop battery and helps to use the same for longer use. This mode is also known as Eco mode that is activated automatically when charging level goes below certain percentage. Under saving mode, LED light, monitor screen and other functions deactivated automatically. If required any kind of technical help, you should call at Dell technical support phone number 1-877-217-7933 immediately.

Turn off Wi-Fi When not in use-

If you don’t need to use wireless connectivity or Bluetooth into laptop, you have to turn it off as it consumes a lot of laptop battery while in use. So, when you do not want to use such type of applications, turn off them immediately and maintain the life of battery for long time. And you have to go to setting option and disable for auto start. If you are not able to know actual issue, you should call at Dell support phone number for quick technical help.

Don’t overcharging and plugging -

Overcharging of battery can decrease the life of a rechargeable battery. You have to connect with power source when you are easily available there to disconnect the cable. Actually laptop batteries are made of Lithium-ion that works on rechargeable technology but overcharging battery affects the power back up performance and slowly decreases the life. Therefore, never keep your battery plugged and remove the charger completely after full charge.

Disconnect unused computer Peripherals-

When you connect your laptop widely with peripherals such as wireless receiver, mouse, speaker and keyboard, it will consume a lot of battery to run these devices successfully. If you have left the laptop connected with these devices, your laptop battery will be affected in long period. So, you have to disconnect all unwanted computer applications and peripherals. If you are not able to identify such type of issues, you should call at Dell tech support phone number for quick technical help.

Monday, February 13, 2017

How to Troubleshoot a Dell Tablet?

Dell tablets run nonstop until and unless a technical fault affects its performance. If technical problem is very critical, you may lose your important data or information due to computer crash or hard disk failure. Before such type of technical issues, you need to diagnosis the exact issue and fix the same as soon as possible. How to troubleshoot dell tablet issues easily? You need to follow some important steps given below:-

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Online Dell Technical Support for Technical Issues at Low Cost

Really, it was a pleasing experience of getting quick tech support from Dell customer support.  It is the critical situation when there was a technical error with dell computer used by one of my close friend.  In fact, I have recommended them to purchase dell computer with the reference that Dell is one of the most reputed companies specially known for developing a wide range of top class laptops and computers at very reasonable prices.

Dell laptops and computers are easily available along with advance, user friendly and interesting features in the market. These devices have also some important characteristics like better performance, proper functionality and better results, so they are attracting a large number of users from various parts of the world. Dell customer support is available for every dell customer while using any dell product. Dell tech help is very helpful for all online dell users as per their necessities at affordable rates. Dell customer support number is the best way to get connected with online techies to get the advice over any type of technical matter.