Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How to Run Dell Computer Fast

When you are using dell computer for various purposes like emailing, browsing, installing programs, downloading files, installing updates and sharing files or folders among regular tasks, suddenly it stops working or it takes a long time for functioning. This case is not only with dell devices, it may be with other brands. Every user has to face numerous technical issues due to software compatibility, virus attacks or infection, software or hardware problems and network connectivity issues. If you are facing some technical issues with dell computer, you should need to call online dell computer support technicians for quick technical help. There are some important steps described below:-

Step 1:-
Every user knows very well that virus infection is a major reason for slowdown in the computer, which you are using regularly. How to check out that your computer is free from virus attacks, you need to launch antivirus program and run a full virus scanning. In addition, you can also install free antivirus device from the internet and apply scan process quickly. When it is done, apply antivirus device to remove all infected items or unwanted files or folders from the computer.  If you face any technical problem, you can hire dell technical support services in the reasonable prices.

Firstly, you should download and install a cleaner toll Cleaner from the internet. Save the file on desktop and follow the instructions to install this cleaner tool. Keep back up of installed tool and open it and apply a full scan of the Windows registry errors. After it, you need to click the option to fix errors. When this process is completed, you should close the program and restart your computer. Then, you can check out carefully your system is running faster than before.

When you open your computer window, then you need to limit the number of various programs. These programs collect many memory resources and therefore it may be the cause of slow down the computer. To disable them, you need to click the start option and point to run.

Step 4:-

You have to disable the programs that you never use and no longer will use in the coming future. Such type of programs eats up the memory resources and may be the cause of slowdown in the system.  In addition, update driver for scanner and printer. And download Microsoft windows updates to speed up your computer. If you are troubling hardly with Dell computer issues, you need to dial dell helpline number +1-877-217-7933 to get the complete technical solutions easily.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

How to solve Dell Scanner Issues

Dell Scanners are so advanced and user friendly they can scan easily any kind of sort paper. These scanners are enhanced which possess a USB ports, which will connect to the computer system. At the time of scanning, if you get any kind of technical issue with scanner, you need to apply troubleshooting process to detect the actual problem easily. There are some important steps described below, you can troubleshoot dell scanner problems with the complete solutions.